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Organic Rose Water & Basic Toner


Organic Rose Water & Basic Toner

from 25.00

Basic Rose Water is a seasonal treasure. Made from organic roses grown on The Ranch, this blessed water is available in pure form (2oz or 8oz bottles), or in our Basic Toner formulation. See more information about the benefits and uses of each variation below.

~ This product is only available while supplies last, and will not be available again until next spring. ~

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Rose water is a healing treasure for the body and mind. Physically, rose helps to repair the skin, soothe irritation and acne, hydrate and balance oil production within the skin. Emotionally, rose helps to heal wounds of the heart. The flower of love, rose opens the heart chakra, improving love for self, relationships with others, and healing emotional wounds. 

Use rose water as a spritzer for face and body (taking several deep inhales for aromatherapy benefits), add a small amount to bathwater, diffuser, or beverage to enjoy the mind and body effects of this sacred flower. 



Using the 100% pure organic rose water as a base, we have added witch hazel to promote the astringent properties of this blend, making it great for healing, toning and tightening the skin. We've also added the pure essential oils of geranium and lavender to aide the skin healing properties of this blend. Geranium and lavender also enhance the aromatherepeutic properties of this blend as they promote inner peace, optimism, self love, love for others, and harmony within relationships. 

Use Toner as a face spritzer to nourish, hydrate, and tone the skin. The properties of this blend make it great for soothing acne, relieving pain and promoting the healing of the delicate skin of the body. Best used after washing and before moistruizing. Use it as a spritzer, or add a small amount to a bath, sitz bath, or steam.