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The Meditation blend is great for promoting peace, balance, and opening the creative spirit of the mind. This is the ideal blend for purifying negative energy, focusing on the inner-self as well as the Great Spirit, and promoting self-love and acceptance. 

Spritz the face and body when preparing for meditation, and throughout the meditation process as desired to deepen the connection between the mind, body, and soul. You can also spritz yourself with the Mist in the morning to set your intentions for the day and bring confident, positive, and peaceful energy to your day. 

Available in a 2oz or an 8oz glass bottle with a spray top. 

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Gently shake bottle before each use. Set your intentions, and then slowly begin spraying yourself from the top of your head down, deeply inhaling the essences and the energy as you go. Focus on your intentions, incorporate mantras and/or visualization as you proceed if so desired. Reapply the mist as needed throughout your meditation or yoga session. 


The Meditation Mist is based in water that has been infused with energy from the full moon and various gemstones, and contains a proprietary blend of essential oils that release negative energy, help to set intentions and connect to the Divine, and promote inner peace and self-love. This blend has an earthy scent that delivers waves of peace and calm as you spray it.