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Love Potions


Love Potions


Love Potions

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Looking for something to help you feel confident, sexy, and seductive? We have two Love Potion blends that do just that! You have the option of purchasing the blend as an oil to use as a moisturizer, fragrance or massage oil, or you can purchase the blend as a mist and use it to create a sexy boudoir - spray it in your bedroom, on your sheets, and lingerie, or wear it as a perfume or cologne.  

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Goddess of Love Blend 

Goddess of Love expresses the feminine Yin energy. This beautiful blend includes floral essences that help you connect to the goddess within. Whether you're preparing for the boardroom or the bedroom this blend can help to relieve anxiety as well as invoke the self-love, confidence, and passion necessary.  This blend is great for inducing feelings of love, creating harmony, and even helps to balance hormones, which in turn, can improve mood and even increase libido. Use a little every day for best results. 

Scent: floral, invigorating

Simply Seductive Blend 

Simply Seductive expresses the masculine Yang energy. This blend contains fresh yet rich blend of essences that create a fiery passion and confidence. Use this blend as massage oil, or as a mist to spritz bedding. It is also lovely to add to warm bath water to create a seductive soak. 

Scent: rich yet fresh, with a little spice.

Create a Custom Blend

If these blends aren't exactly what you're looking for, you can have a custom blend created to meet all of your needs. 

You may also want to consider the Basic Body Oil, which contains aphrodisiac properties, promotes self-love, reduces stress, and makes a beautiful massage oil.