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Healing Heart


Healing Heart


Healing Heart

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Basic Healing Heart mends an aching heart. Using a synergy of essential oils, moon energy, and intention, this blend helps to repair emotional damage. Frankincense, one of the ingredients, is a resin produced by the tree when it’s wounded. The resin covers the wound and promotes healing. That healing energy heals emotional wounds as well. When coping with a broken heart, use this blend in the morning to start each day with peace and comfort. 

Comprised of a proprietary blend of  pure essential oils in distilled water that has been infused with the energy of the new moon and  gemstones to heighten intentions.

Healing Heart is offered in two variations: As an aromatherapy mist, or as a topical oil. It's simply a choice of how you think you'll use it and receive its benefits the most. 

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