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Baby Oil


Baby Oil

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Basic Baby Oil uses calendula and lavender oils to gently soothe and nourish your baby’s skin and developing body. Baby Oil soothes growing muscles and joints, reduces redness and inflammation, relieves diaper rash, calms and relaxes before bedtime, and supports the development of a healthy immune system.

Also available in the Baby Bundle

Available in a 2oz or an 8oz glass bottle. 8oz bottles come with a spray top, 2oz bottles come with a choice of a spray or dropper top. 

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Use the Baby Oil to gently massage your baby, or add a few drops to bath water and allow your baby to soak for 10 minutes. Gently shake the bottle before use.


Sweet almond oil, organic calendula flowers, pure lavender essential oil.


"I used the Baby Oil to completely get rid of my son's cradle cap! He's had this pesky dry scalp & cradle cap forever, and I've been battling it with coconut oil...but last night when he was in the bath I put some Baby Oil in the water and decided I should try it on his head! His scalp is SOOO dry so I didn't even rinse it, I let it sit all night. When he woke up this morning it was almost completely gone! I'm so happy it's gone!!! I love your products, thank you!!!" - Megan, Lodi CA
“Our daughter has very sensitive skin, and has been prone to horrible diaper rashes and eczema since birth. Nothing worked, not the top of the line diaper rash ointments or the best unscented lotion, until I was introduced to the Basic Baby oil. I put a couple sprays into her bath and literally overnight the eczema was gone. As soon as she starts showing signs of a diaper rash I immediately lather her with the oil and again, overnight, it’s gone. Basic Baby Oil is a staple in our home and goes everywhere she goes.”  – Jenna, Lockeford CA 
“We have been using the Baby Oil in the bath for our one year old son and it has been helping a lot with his sleep. He goes to bed faster and on his own (with some snuggles from mommy first), and if he wakes up it is usually just once. Thank you again for your beautiful Basic products. I love using them around the house knowing he won’t get hurt from the smell.” -Angela, Folsom CA