Simply Seductive expresses the Divine Masculine and Yang energy. This invigorating blend contains fresh yet rich blend of essences that ignite a fiery passion from the depth of your being. Simply Seductive relieves nerves and anxiety, and also boosts confidence giving you the courage to express yourself wholly and honestly.


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Simply Seductive

  • Simply Seductive Mist: Close your eyes and gently spritz the face and body while taking deep breaths. Spritz the room, pour a small amount into a water diffuser, or spray on clothing or bedding. Add a small amount to warm bath water to create a seductive soak. 


    Simply Seductive Roller: Simply apply desired amount to your wrists, rub together, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Apply to neck, abdomen, and anywhere else desired. Reapply as needed. 


    *Personally, I prefer this blend in a mist - I like being able to use it in different ways to 'set the mood.' I like pairing it with the Goddess of Love roller to help boost my confidence and embrace my Divine feminine energyg, while connecting to the Divine masculine energy as well.