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The BASIC Meditation Kit includes basic provisions for beginning or deepening your meditation practice. 

The Basic Meditation Kit includes our favorite meditation products:

  • Meditation Mist
  • Gemstone Trio (clear quartz, citrine, and rose quartz)
  • Palo Santo Stick


How Do I Use It? 


Clearing Energy 

Palo Santo has been used for centuries to receive negative energy, fears, and doubt. Light the end of the stick until it smolders (like a cigar), a small amount of smoke will be emitted. If you're smudging yourself, gently wave the stick in a circular motion starting at your feet and work your way up to your head. Envision the circular motion collecting all negativity in the funnel of the palo santo smoke and releasing it upwards to the divine. You can also start at the top of your head and work your way down if you prefer to envision yourself releasing back into the earth. To smudge a room, start in a corner of the room and again choose to work upward or downward, and make your way around the room. What I like about smudging with Palo Santo sticks is there is minimal smoke and ash, making it a little safer to work with. And the sweet smell gives me comfort to know that I have created a pure, safe, and sacred space. The Meditation Mist includes white sage essential oil, which is also used for clearing negative energy. So if you are unable to use your palo santo stick, you can even use the Meditation Mist to smudge yourself or your space.


Setting Intentions

Whether enjoying a moon ceremony or simply setting your intentions for a new day, be still, be silent, and be clear. Whatever your intentions are, using the phrase, "I see myself..." is a great way to focus your energy (versus "i want"). This phrase will help you not only define the change you seek, but help you to actually visualize yourself having achieved that change - and visualizing your intentions is an important tool in manifestation. While you're doing this, mist your face and body with the Meditation Mist, taking deep breaths. The synergy of essential oils in the Mist help you to focus your intentions, connect you to the divine, and promote positivity and peacefulness. Spray the mist on your hands and bring them into prayer near your face. Repeat this throughout your meditation process. You can even add some of the Mist to a humidifier to fill the room with the energies of the blend.


The energy of the gemstones included with this kit support a wide variety of intentions. Whatever you seek to improve, gain, or release, the energy of these gemstones, paired with your own energy and intentions, as well as that of the aromatherapy blend in the Meditation Mist, can help bring the desired change to your life. Rose Quartz is associated with love, and love conquers all. Whether you are seeking love from or for another, love for yourself, healing for an emotional wound, or simply seeking peace and happiness, rose quartz is a wonderful tool to incorporate into your meditation practice. Citrine is the crystal of abundance and prosperity. Whether you are focusing on attracting the abundance of money, love, friendship, willpower, or anything else, citrine is ideal. Additionally, citrine activates courage and confidence to live your life to the fullest potential. Clear Quartz is an ideal crystal for bringing about positive change. It helps you to connect to the divine, opening your third eye and crown chakras, and trusting your own intuition. Clear quartz also helps to amplify the energy of other crystals. 


Meditation Kit

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