BASIC Meditation is a great blend for promoting peace, balance, and opening the creative spirit of the mind. This is an ideal blend for releasing negative energy, connecting with Divine energy, setting intentions, and promoting inner-peace and self-love. 

Meditation can be used to start your with a positive mindset, or throughout the day as needed to release negativity, and promote open-mindedness and optimism. As the name suggests, Meditation is also great to use before and during yoga, prayer, or meditation to help you go deeper into your practice. 


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*Also available in BASIC Meditation Kit.






  • Meditation Mist: Simply spritz the face and body with closed eyes, taking deep breaths. Spritz the room, pour a small amount into a water diffuser, or spray on bedding before sleep. During yoga, prayer, or meditation you can also spritz on your hands so you smell it as you bring your hands into prayer, or on your yoga mat. 


    Meditation Roller: Simply apply desired amount to your wrists, rub together, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Reapply as needed throughout the day to help keep you calm, positive, and open-minded.