Lavender is the queen essence. It helps to promote relaxation, inner peace, and self-love. Lavender also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, fear, and panic. Lavender Love is ideal for evening use as it is very relaxing and sedative; however, for anyone experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or nervousness it may be helpful to use this blend frequently thorughout the day. 


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Lavender Love

  • Lavender Love Mist: Close your eyes, and gently spritz the face and body, taking deep breaths. Spritz the room, pour a small amount into a water diffuser or bath water, or spray on bedding before sleep. Refrigeration is not required, however, storing it in the fridge gives you the option of a cool, relaxing mist after a long day. 


    Lavender Love Roller: Simply apply desired amount to your wrists, rub together, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Reapply as needed to help keep you calm and relaxed.