BASIC Healing Heart does just that - it mends aching hearts. Healing Heart helps to heal emotional wounds, past and present, and promotes inner-peace, acceptance, and forgiveness. 


Frankincense, one of the essential oils used in this blend, is made from a resin produced by the tree when it’s wounded. The resin covers the wound and promotes healing. That healing energy heals emotional wounds as well. When coping with a broken heart, use this blend in the morning to start each day with peace and comfort. 


See additional sections for more information. 

Healing Heart

  • Healing Heart Mist: Close your eyes, and gently spritz the face and body, taking deep breaths. Start your day with this ritual to help you feel comforted  in the healing process as you begin your day. Use as needed throughout the day. You may also spritz the room, pour a small amount into a water diffuser, or spray on bedding before sleep. 


    Healing Heart Roller:  Simply apply to your wrists, rub them together, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Reapply as needed.

    I personally prefer the roller for this blend as it tends to be a more descrete experience. When coping with a situation, and having moments of weakness throughout the day, it's a convenient way to feel emotionally supported and comforted without everyone around me realizing what I'm doing - but that's just me. :)