BASIC Body Scrub polishes the skin and calms the mind. A lovely treat for the skin, the Body Scrub naturally exfoliates, hydrates, and restores sun-damaged, aged, and dry skin. Also great for nourishing the skin of growing baby bumps. As the Scrub nourishes the skin, allow the warm and relaxing scents of lavender and chamomile to relax the mind.


How Do I Use It? 

Rinse the skin to be exfoliated either in the shower or at a sink (if only exfoliating hands or face and neck, the bathroom sink works best). Shake a small amount of scrub into your hand (about a quarter size is enough for face and neck or for exfoliating both hands). Using your ring fingers (the weakest fingers), apply the Scrub in a circular motion to the desired area(s). BE GENTLE, the sugar does the work for you, you don't need to use a lot of pressure, be gentle with your skin. Rinse, and pat dry. Apply moisturizer. Note: exfoliation removes dry skin and brings fresh blood and oxygen to the area which will make the skin red temporarily. This will subside very soon. 


*Additional Options*

When exfoliating the face, neck, and chest we reccomend prefacing the Body Scrub with the BASIC Face Steam. The Steam warms, cleanses, and softens the skin priming it for exfoliation. We also highly reccomend using the BASIC Goddess OIl as a moisturizer. Visit these products' pages for more information about what makes them so wonderful. 


*Also available in the Beyond Basic Bundle

Body Scrub

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