Traveling Plants 5 Herbs for staying healthy while on the go

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Bring on summer vacations! Whether you’re planning to travel by plane, train, or automobile this summer, bring these 5 herbs and oils along with you to keep you healthy and happy.


Regretting that last stop at Taco Bell? Chamomile tea can be a great digestive aid when dashboard dining disagrees with you. Chamomile is also a powerful antihistamine; if you’re suffering from allergies or other irritation from unfamiliar foods or surroundings, chamomile tea can help reduce these symptoms. Chamomile tea is widely available and can be purchased at most grocery stores.


Rosemary has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making it a great herb to use while traveling. Use rosemary essential oil, or a blend containing the essential oil, and apply it to the neck and hands to protect you from airborne bacteria and viruses. Add a several drops of oil, or even a few fresh rosemary sprigs to a bath to help lift travelers fatigue and jet lag. You may also consider adding rosemary to your food and beverages in the days leading up to your trip to build-up your immune system and protect your health.


Green tea is energizing and gives your body a powerful boost of antioxidants. Also containing antiviral and antibacterial properties green tea supports the immune system and helps to prevent illness. Green tea is one of my favorite on-the-go skin care remedies because it’s so easy to come by, and it works so well. I keep a tea bag in my travel case and in the event of dark circles, inflammation, or a full-on breakout I make a green tea compress and apply it to my face.