Self Care Sunday

I am often asked, when I’m going to do something like a face steam or a ‘sacred soak’ what do I do?!?

Only you can answer that question. What part of your body is calling for attention? Does your body ache, does your face feel a little dry, has your hair been feeling brittle – sit with your self for a minute, and just ask, what do you need from me? Follow your intuition. You don’t have to do every one of the ideas I have below. Pick what feels right for you, right now. Next week, it may be something different. The only thing I will strongly suggest is that you do at least one of these things once per week. I chose Sunday this week, and that’s what has inspired this post. But next week, who knows, maybe I’ll do something on Thursday morning. Give yourself flexibility and grace, but show up for yourself every week. It’s a game changer.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to care for my body and mind.

Body Care

Soak in whatever elements feel right for you, right now.


Baths are my favorite way to take care of the body. If you’re muscles are aching, your skin feels dry, or you just feel disconnected from your body in general, this is the ideal self care practice.

The ingredients to add to your bath are endless (salts, milks, herbs, essential oils, body oils, crystals, candles, etc.). Whatever you choose to add should meet your current needs. The primary being to connect with your self, and to care for the area(s) of your being that feel depleted. Rub your legs, run your hands across your belly, rub your feet. Bring attention to areas often neglected, touch them with care, love, and gratitude. Breathe deeply.


Oils are a great addition to a bath. You can add a body oil or aromatherapy blend directly to the bath. Personally, I find that applying oil to your body prior to entering the bath is simply transcending. Choose an oil with an aromatherapy blend that makes you feel lovely and loved, uplifted and relaxed. Give yourself a little massage as you apply the oil to your body, then slowly submerge into the bath. Your skin will feel so sleek and nourished, and it invites the touch and connection I described above.

Favorite Ingredients

Here are a few of my favorite bath ingredients. Again, depending on my current needs I’ll usually make a few selections from this list:

Add herbs and smaller crystals to a large tea ball and submerge in bath water.

· Salts: Epsom salt, dead sea salt, extra fine sea salt