For thousands of years women have relied on our herbal sisters for emotional and physical support during pregnancy. During this fundamental time, caring for the mind, body, and soul is of utmost importance. The herbs and essences I’ve included in this article can help support your emotional and spiritual needs during this exceptional time of growth, and help you to nourish your growing body as well. :) 


In my opinion, there is no better essence to relieve anxiety, and promote peace and self-love than lavender.  The sweet and refreshing essene of lavender is one of my favorites for relieving self-doubt and depression, and promoting confidence, acceptance, peace, and positivity.

How to use it

~Smell the flowers: lavender is not only aromatically appealing, it is visually appealing as well. If you grow lavender, sit with the plant and smell the fresh blooms. Gently rub your fingers along the stem, leaves, and to the top of the blossom; close your eyes and smell your hands. Cut a few sprigs in the morning and put them in a vase (you can do this with dried flowers too!). Display them in a space that you frequent, and remind yourself how blessed you are for being in this moment.

~Inhalation: simply inhale the essences directly from the bottle of essential oil, or add 3-5 drops to a cotton ball, or use a diffuser necklace. Take several deep breaths, pausing in between to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful essence.  

~Topical Application: Lavender is the only essential oil I will work with undiluted (FYI - it’s a great spot treatment for acne). Apply 1-2 drops to your wrists, rub together, and inhale as needed throughout the day. Lavender is also excellent treatment for repairing damaged skin. Use an ointment containing lavender essential oil, like the Blooming Belly Blend or powdered lavender like in the Basic Sugar Scrub to nourish your blooming belly. 


This is my favorite essence for promoting confidence during pregnancy, especially the early weeks of pregnancy when we often find ourselves living in a world of nerves, anxiety, and fear. For me, ylang-ylang helped to quiet the ‘What If…?!’ and ‘What Was That?!’ voices in my head. It helped me let go of fear and doubt, and embrace confidence in myself and my body’s ability to do what it was designed to do. 

How to use

~Inhalation: This essence is a bit strong directly from the bottle, and it can be overpowering. I prefer 2-3 drops on a cotton ball, mixed with an aromatherapy blend, or add 4-6 drops to a diffuser. Inhale deeply and allow the rich essence to coat your whole being with a sense of protection, safety, and take comfort in knowing that you are strong enough to face anything this journey brings you to. 

~Topical application: Add 3-5 drops to a few tablespoons of pure almond or grapeseed oil and apply to the wrists to promote confidence, peace, balance, and harmony. If you’re getting a prenatal massage, ask if they have ylang-ylang for aromatherapy at the beginning of the massage. You’ll find that you are able to relax so much more! You can also bring your Blooming Belly Blend with you and ask that they use it as aromatherapy at the beginning, and as your massage oil throughout the massage.