A New Moon, A New You 7 steps for manifesting with the moon

The New Moon is upon us, a very exciting time. It is the beginning of a new moon phase; when all energy shifts, and change is not only possible, but imminent. What changes would want to see happen over the course of the next moon phase? Is there something in your life that you want to be different? This is your chance…

I look forward to the New Moon every month, as a chance to check in with what matters most to me, and what I want to see for myself in the future.  I love the opportunity to go inward, and be honest with myself. The truth is, there is something deep within each of us that we want for ourselves. We want it bad. We not only think about it, we feel about it. The New Moon is the time to begin bringing those desires to life.

1. Be bold. To begin, obtain a brightly colored piece of paper and a red pen. I keep yellow notepads on hand especially for setting intentions. Bright and bold colors like yellow and red are colors of action and determination, and they give additional subliminal benefits to this process. 

2. Set your intentions. Determine what you are seeking. It can be one thing or several things. I like to do things in threes so I usually focus on three different things during the new moon phase. Something to keep in mind is that you can set your intentions for something you want to achieve or obtain within the new moon phase, but it doesn’t have to be confined to that time span either; it can be something that you will focus on through many moon phases. 

A quick glimpse into my personal life – as I write this I am 8 months pregnant. Four months ago I was told that my body was threatening to go into preterm labor, and I was put on bed rest and prescribed a cocktail of hormones in an effort to stay pregnant. During that first new moon phase, I set my intentions to stay pregnant throughout the moon phase. I repeated this intention with each new moon phase since then – until tomorrow, when I will set my intentions for a speedy and safe delivery. The point is, you can set your intentions for something greater than the near future, by focusing on the baby steps that will get you there (no pun intended :)). 

Be specific. The more detailed and specific you are, the easier the visualization will be. For example, simply saying, “I see myself with more money” is difficult to visualize; however, saying “I see myself with an extra $1,000 in my checking account” is much easier to create a mental image of or even a tangible image of – more on that next. 

3. Visualize your intentions. If there is a single most important element to this process, it is visualization. Let’s start with how you write out your intentions. Begin your intention(s) with “I see myself…” This phrase helps you to create a mental picture of yourself already having achieved or obtained what you are seeking. For example, for the past several months I would write “I see myself still being pregnant and healthy at the end of this moon phase.” While writing and saying that, I would actually picture myself with an even bigger pregnant belly, laughing and feeling good. Whatever visual you create for your intention(s) re-visit them frequently throughout the month. An easy way to remember to do this is to create a vision board. 

A vision board is a compilation of images that center on the concept of your intention(s). When I was told in July that I needed to make it to at least Halloween to avoid any long-term risks of a premature baby, I created this vision board. I printed it out, hung it on my refrigerator and every time I saw these images I pictured myself in them, smiled and felt grateful for them as if they’d already happened. More on that later…

4. Create a sacred space. Create a space outside that feels special and sacred (if you’re unable to be outside, at least be near a window). I like to set out my  lace tablecloth on my patio table and light candles. The tools you choose to incorporate into your New Moon ritual are completely up to you. I have a few favorites that I’ll share with you, but please use whatever visual or tangible elements you need to amplify your energy and help you feel connected to the Divine; for some that’s a cross, a religious figurine, or crystals. Whatever feels right for you, is right for you, trust it. 

I have a couple of things that I always like to incorporate into my rituals. Of course, I use the Basic Meditation Mist. I use it to smudge myself, my supplies, and my space to release all negativity, fear, and doubt. The synergy of the blend also helps me to connect to the Divine and promotes inner peace. I not only use it to smudge at the beginning of my ritual, but I also use it throughout the process to continuously help me stay focused and go deeper. The Meditation Mist is made with water that has been infused by the full moon, a moon phase that heightens intentions, which makes it the perfect compliment to my practice. Additionally, I incorporate crystals and gemstones into my ritual. Depending on what my intentions are, the stones may vary, but a few regulars at the party are: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and citrine. There is information about these specific stones on the Basic Meditation Kit page.  

5. Read your intentions out loud. After you have decided on your intentions and written them in a way that helps you to visualize and believe them, simply make it official. Sit in your sacred space, center yourself, open your heart to Divine and your mind to the endless possibilities of the universe, and with all of the genuine feelings you can muster for your intentions say them out loud (this is when I usually do another round of the Meditation Mist). As you say your intentions, visualize them, feel them, smile and feel grateful for them as if they’ve already been achieved. Gratitude is as important as visualization.  Trade all of the worry, anxiety, fear, or doubt you’ve had about lacking these things in your life, and replace them with genuine gratitude for already having them. Gratitude, visualization, and energy – that’s what it’s all about. 

I love this part of the process. I find so much joy, power, and peace in the culmination of my ritual. In this moment you are cultivating the natural energy of the gemstones, the essential oils, the full moon water, the candles, herbs, whatever else you’re using - and blending it with your own energy. I like to imagine it as different colors and textures swirling around me, blending, combining, and growing stronger together. All of this energy bound by your intentions, rises up to meet the energy of the moon, and then to the Divine where your message is delivered. You have asked for exactly what you want, and that’s all you have to do. 

6. Bless and release. Once you have completed this process, do not allow the “but how…” in your mind. That’s not your job. Your job is to set your intentions, to visualize them, and to be grateful for them; how they will be achieved is not up to you to decide. That said, be aware of opportunity. By this time next month you may not have an extra $1000 in your checking account, but that doesn’t mean that things haven’t happened throughout the month that will set you up for achieving your goal in the near future. Maybe you got a new job or some other opportunity for additional income has come your way. Your job now is to continually focus on your intentions, be aware of potential opportunities, and act when they are presented to you. Declare your intentions, bless and release them, and know that it shall be done.

7. Re-visit often. Creating a vision board helps you to remember to do this. When I wake up in the morning I express gratitude for everything good in my life, even the things that have not come to fruition yet. When I see that collage of images on my refrigerator I think about how grateful I am to still be pregnant and FEEL how exciting it will be to have a big pregnant belly on Halloween. Remember, feeling is more important than simply thinking. The Full Moon is an especially significant time to revisit your intentions. During the Full Moon, energy is amplified and it’s the perfect time to sit outside, and reconnect with your intentions (I often re-create my New Moon ceremony during the Full Moon). 

I understand for some people this process may feel taboo, or even blasphemous. But, every religion utilizes this method, hence “the power of prayer,” or the concept that you simply need to “ask, and you shall receive.” No matter what your prayer or meditation sounds like, or to whom or what you offer it, it is the intention-energy-emotion-devotion combination that makes this practice so powerful.

I wish you a blessed day, and pray that you find what you seek. 

Love and peace,


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