Aromatherapy for your mind, body,
and spirit. 

Easy & Elegant 

Oils Made With the Greatest Intention

At Basic, we have two goals: to enhance your joy, and to heal your pain. Browse our signature blends and find which one (or ones!) helps you feel happy, hopeful, and healthy.  

And we've got good news! Your favorite Basic aromatherapy blend is also available in a roller!

The smooth glide of our stainless steel roller ball makes receiving your blend more luxurious than ever. The crystals infusing the oil have been chosen with intention and synergized with our handcrafted blends.

This is Basic


Think about the smell of vanilla. No really, think about it. Close your eyes for a moment and bring to mind the smell of warm vanilla and notice the way it makes you feel.

Do you love it? Do you hate it? Did your body react to simply thinking about the smell of vanilla? Welcome to aromatherapy.


Smell is the sense most closely tied to our emotions, memories, and behaviors. As such, smells can be used to change the way we feel emotionally, and in turn, the way we feel physically.


Enter, Basic.


It is our pride and pleasure to bring you our creations of aromatic blends that nourish the body, mind, and spirit. We bring back the basics of traditional wisdom to the modern experience.


Whether you want to enhance your joy and pleasure, diffuse your pain, or anything in between, our products and services guide you through your experience with comfort, authenticity, and elegance.  

Each of our products is created by our skilled hands to ensure the highest quality and proper therapeutic blending. BASIC products are made with only pure and natural ingredients, several of which are grown on our ranch here at headquarters. 


Where the mind goes, the body follows. 

- Robin Baglietto, Owner and Creator 

Hello! My name is Robin, I have a deep love for our natural world, ancient healing traditions, and our innate abilities to heal ourselves. 


For nearly a decade I've studied and received training in aromatherapy, feng shui, herbalism, crystal therapies, mindset and purposeful living. 


It is my privilege to share my passion for the way nature heals and sustains our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness through my products and services.

Wishing you joy and love. 


Let's See Each other Socially!

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