Aromatherapy Services

Therapeutic Blend




  • 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the issue you are seeking assistance with.

  • 1 accompanying custom therapeutic blend created to meet your needs (shipping included).

  • Your blend will be kept on file and can easily be reordered. 

Treat Your Employees

Robin offers 'A Day with the Aromatherapist', where she provides 30-minute private mini-sessions to employees.

Employees are given a questionnaire after booking their appointment to make the most of the session. 

During the session the questionnaire is discussed, they're led through a guided meditation with aromatherapy. And given a BASIC product to continue the experience on their own. 

Robin's Coaching Services

Looking for more?

BASIC Founder, Robin Angela, offers private coaching services in addition to aromatherapy sessions. 

Learn more about Robin's offerings. 




Robin is a true master at her craft and intuitively connects with each client individually, resulting in a personalized aromatherapy experience.You will quickly find yourself totally relaxed, while your senses are awakened in this truly one of a kind session.




I was visiting Robin's shop to do some shopping and rather than simply ask what products I wanted, she actually asked me WHY. Long story short we got lost in conversation when she offered an impromptu aromatherapy session. She was so calming and wise, I felt so understood. She whipped up this AMAZING bath soak for me. This woman knows what she's doing. 


I recently placed a custom order for a bachelorette party and was blown away with the finish product. Everyone loved the rollerball and especially the custom label. The product not only smells amazing, it made everyone feel refreshed and alert - just what we needed! The custom label was adorable and fit our theme perfectly. It was a thoughtful and unexpected party favor that was loved by all!



Robin initially came to our office to consult for a signature aromatherapy blend. She walked into our meditation room and immediately spouted off dozens of ideas to make the space more healing and zen-like. I was very impressed to say the least. A couple months later we hired her for "A Day With the Aromatherapist" and she offered aromatherapy appointments to our staff. Within a couple of hours every appointment was filled. As people went back to their desks and shared their experience, more people wanted to sign up. Robin ended up staying 3 hours late that day to offer more appointments and see everyone she could. She did a survey afterwards and shared the results with us - it was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone so much appreciated their time with her and they were so grateful to us for providing them with this experience. 



I have ordered multiple custom blends from Robin for myself, and for friends. Personally, I was trying to get pregnant & just wanted a little something extra. Extra self-care & love. I answered some questions about what scents I like & don't (I don't love smells that are too sweet) & Robin created something absolutely perfect! I used it in my baths and as moisturizer. The smell just made me so happy & I loved it. And only 1 month later I got a positive pregnancy test. My sweet babe is now 6 months old.


I have also ordered custom blends for my pregnant friends. I asked them about their aversions to certain smells (chicken, eggs, etc.) and Robin has come up with blends for them that they absolutely loved! Both times I did this the girls were so happy & said that they were so impressed with the blend because smells had been bothering them so much during pregnancy. 


I can truly attest that Robin has intuition for what people need. I’m so grateful that I can come to her not knowing exactly what it is I need & she can create something perfect for me.